Abb Safe Hai Naa? — A UI/UX Design Case Study

A personal project on designing an iOS app for a food-tech startup

In this case study, I have described my process of designing a food-tech app — SafeZone. In this project, I built a design interface for the users in need.

Hey, we improvised! Check it out.

👀Project Overview

📍 Method of approach

◾Problem Defination

◾User Persona

◾Information Architecture


◾Visual Designs

◾Target Audience

❓ Problem Statement

✅ Solution

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🧪 User Research

👦🏽User Persona


After making rough sketches, I moved to Figma where I iterated with several different layouts for the screens as well as screen components.

Visual Design

🎨Color and Typography

  • I iterated in different font combinations before settling for ‘DM Sans’ as the heading font and ‘Inter’ as the body font. DM Sans was chosen as it gave a non-serious and friendly vibe and Inter was used due to its clean and modern ligatures.

⫯ Icons Used

🎯 Target Audience

Hey, we improvised! Check it out.

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