Built Aspire Rise!

It is my great pleasure to share with you about, “B.A.R. episode 2” that transcends the benchmark of the entrepreneurial world.

The event took place on 24th August 2019 at UB city, Bangalore. The event was attended by emerging business leaders, investors, eminent speakers, influencers, and designers from diverse sectors to share their personal experiences as well as debating to help budding entrepreneurs like us to develop and shape the path of our entrepreneurial dream.

It’s Me with Varun Mayya (Founder & CEO of Avalon)
It’s Me with Varun Mayya (Founder & CEO of Avalon)

So, I went into this event with a motive to seek answers for converting the weaknesses of my startup into its strengths. There were two most important weaknesses of my startup:

  1. How to build a worthy team, who is willing to work on your dream? and,

2. How to tackle the Indian mindset when you do not have room for allowing the bargain factor?

Got a ton of insights from the eminent Founders of Avalon. Just keep up your curiosity and read!

Abhinav Arora, Co-founder & CMO @avalon, advised “The biding system is up for properties, why not for products then. We have always seen people biding high for a property or a commodity and who-so-ever sets the high bid the property is sealed on his name. Let’s take up the reverse order process for the products where we want to ignore bargaining. Set a minimum standard value say, 7k and therefore, who-so-ever bids the second lowest value can grab the product/service.”

After listening to this I was well assured that, indeed innovation can come in (n) number of ways as perfectly pictured out by him.

Me with Abhinav Arora (Co-founder & CMO of Avalon)
Me with Abhinav Arora (Co-founder & CMO of Avalon)

Shashank Udupa, Founder & CFO @avalon, advised “That a founder should go and talk to people he/she finds worthy. Tell them regarding all the requirements and vision of the company. Staying fully confident about the company’s success but mindfully not including that person in need and very cunningly ask them to suggest someone worthy to fulfill that requirement, perfectly knowing that the person himself is capable for that work.

The catch here is, now that a skilled person will join the team willingly if he finds worth in the story. This can serve as a strong base for building a coherent team.

It’s Me with Shashank Udupa (Co-founder & CFO)
Me with Shashank Udupa (Founder & CFO of Avalon)

When I was about to attend the event I was anxious and confused. When I came out of the same I was confident and ready and that is what like-mindedness does to you I feel.

That’s a wrap I hope you found it insightful. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me on LinkedIn, Instagram or website.

Thank you for reading till the end! Did you know? You can hold that clap button for a few seconds to give a maximum of 50 claps. I would really appreciate it. See ya!



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